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 Dummy Loads 

Dummy loads are useful tools for the tinkerer as well as the home builder. They can be used basic tune-up, testing equipment after repair, measuring power output, testing homebrew hardware and a plethora of other uses. However, one has to be careful and make sure the dummy load used is matched to the task at hand. Using a dummy load rated at five watts to test a kilowatt transmitter will result in a melted dummy load and may damaged the transmitter final stage as it goes into an unloaded condition. Frequency range and impedance are also important consideration.

A small dummy load can be very useful for QRP work. Well built, the frequency range can be extended up include 2 meter work. However, do not try to use it for 220 Mhz or above.

For higer power work, a larger dummy load is necessary. The dummy load described here properly built will handle the amatuer radio legal limit. However, the heat sinks do add a lot of reactance. Do not try to use it above 10 meters.